Unwind the Mind and Spine Decompression Center

Relax and Unwind

A Vacation for Your Mind and Spine
in the Middle of Your Workday™

Create Energy & Immerse yourself in relaxation

The Unwind the Mind and Spine Decompression Center at Shapero Chiropractic is a dedicated treatment space that focuses on decreasing stress and bringing vitality to our bodies.

Our advanced treatment and tables slowly decompress the upper and lower spine after the stress of sitting or standing at a desk all day. Spinal Decompression can help promote a healthy blood flow to the spine and brain while enhancing movement of fluid in the spine.

The result is a combination of both relaxation and activation. When we relax our nervous system, we become re-energized and ready to take on anything.

"Look well to the spine for the cause of disease."


Relaxing decompression sessions would not be complete without a calming visual experience and soundscape. Studies suggest that healing sounds and nature audio physically alter the connections in our brains, reducing our body’s natural fight-or-flight instinct. Add the visual experience of virtual reality, and you can enjoy sensations like floating or flying to achieve even more spaciousness in the mind and body.

The Benefits of
Spinal Decompression



Reset the body. Reset the mind. When your body is at ease, your mind naturally follows.



Stress from daily spinal compression, caused by the stagnation of sitting or standing for hours on end, can be relieved by gently stretching the vertebrae of the spine.



Where there is movement, there is vitality. Releasing tension allows energy to flow throughout the body, promoting the health of the entire person.

Treat Yourself to Stress Relief

In the middle of your workday

Treatment Process

Ask | Assess | Alleviate

This is not your average chiropractic experience. To get you on the tables as quickly as possible, we first ask about your concerns and desired health outcomes. Next, we perform a chiropractic assessment of your spinal health and integrity to assess your readiness for our tables. Lastly, we offer you a unique, often creative healthcare plan based on your individual needs and goals.

Heal aches and pains and reduce the everyday noise, from mind to spine.

At this time, safety is first and foremost. We are a fully vaccinated office and we employ strict COVID-safe practices, including mask wearing at all times, maintaining physical distance where possible, and hospital-grade sanitization of all our equipment.

Note: Spinal Decompression sessions are unfortunately not covered by insurance. However, we do offer options to help you create price-friendly packages.

Decompression & Relaxation Treatments

Reduce stress in the body and the mind.