Here's what our clients have to say about our work:

Dr. Dan is the Man. I discovered him because many of my co-workers go to him and he has done health talks for my office. I didn't have any debilitating pain when I went to him, but I sit for an ungodly amount of hours per day for my commute and job, so just wanted to get everything checked out and back in alignment.

After an initial x-ray, I've been getting adjusted a couple times a week for about 2 months now. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Shapero. He has a great bed-side manner and is great at what he does. I always feel a sense of calm and well-being after an adjustment. I know some people may be nervous to see a chiropractor what with all the neck/back cracking going on, but I have always trusted Dr. Shapero and have never left his office in pain. The trick to a good adjustment is being relaxed and trusting your chiropractor and he always puts me at ease.

Dr. Shapero's receptionist, Fabi, always has a smile for you and is very accommodating in scheduling appointments, even via email. I do wish they were open 5 days a week, but the doc sees other patients in another location, so I understand he can't be two places at once. Another awesome thing is that, shockingly (for a doctor), my appointments always seem to happen on time, if not early sometimes. I really appreciate this as sometimes I'm running over on my 30 minute lunch break and I always make it back with plenty of time.

San Francisco Chiropractors
Alyssa W.

Dr. Dan helped me get rid of severe back pain. My mid and lower back were in extreme pain for months due to sitting for long hours (12-14 per day) and bad posture to go with that. The pain has completely disappeared in 2 months of 2 visits per week. Of course, I can't speak for long term benefits since I'm not there yet. That said, based on my experience, I have no reservations in recommending him. I have recommended him to a couple of friends who have also found him to be very helpful.

I discovered Dr. Dan when he did a presentation in my office. It turns out, at least 15 folks from my office visit him (and swear by him). On my first visit, he gave me a detailed explanation of what he does, how it can help me and why I needed help. The x-rays he recommended showed the amount of degeneration in my spine and the loss of curvature.

Once in a while he has to travel for conferences etc., but arranges for a replacement doctor so that your care isn't interrupted. I have to say, his replacement doctor is extremely capable as well. You'll be in good hands no matter what!

His assistant, Fabi, is very pleasant as well and works with you to find a slot based on your availability, even at a short notice. They have even allowed me to walk-in a couple of times. Dr Dan shows great flexibility to ensure you get your sessions in.

San Francisco Chiropractors
Manuj G.

I've had back issues going back many years. While I do try to be mindful of them, habits can die hard and I am an office worker which tends to do the worst things to lower backs.

So, after having a back issue come back again, I decided to try out Shapero Chiro. Yes, they do talk to you a good amount about issues that can come up, and yes it is repeated a bunch. Honestly, I think it's needed, at least for me. On an intellectual level, I understand what's going on. But, on an ingrained habit level, there's a lot of stubbornness to break through.

Anyway, on to the treatment. Fairly good notes are taken throughout the appointment. There is a strong emphasis on trying to get you back to normalcy, but not forcing it since that will most likely bring on more pains. The decompression table thing is wonderful and I can feel it opening up space in my spine.

While I'm only about 1 week into working with them, I feel much much better and am making good progress.

San Francisco Chiropractors
Vikram A.

I was referred to Dr. Dan by a friend in the fitness industry after having experienced neck and back pain for a few consecutive weeks. I wasn't able to get a good night's rest and I was not making good decisions regarding my work hours and commute.

Finally, I listened to reason and made an appointment. From step 1, I experienced great communication, patient care, and general excellent service. Fabiola runs the office with efficiency but also with a kind nature that one comes to appreciate from a doctor's office.

In addition to adjustments for long term care and any acute pain, Dr. Dan gives excellent, *practical* advice on how to maintain healthier joint & bone care. He is particularly good about giving me advice on how to sit/act healthfully despite my long office desk hours as well as advice on how to come down after a hard workout.

It's been sixth months and not only is the pain gone (that was completely gone after the second or third visits), but I am better educated to manage my overall health.

Dr. Dan is honest, communicative, and thankfully able to adapt to our busy schedules (their office hours support typical business hours - they start early and take a later lunch so as to be able to see those of us working crazy office hours) . Sure, on rare occasions, this may mean I sit in the waiting room for a few more minutes while he treats a patient with an emergency, but given the consistency in care and communication, I don't mind at all. Knowing that they are flexible to help a person in pain (after they've asked me if my time is flexible as well), I'm happy to adjust.

San Francisco Chiropractors
Beverly K.

I have been seeing Dr. Dan for about 7 years now, and he consistently has been able to help me with fixing problems with my lower back, hips, legs, and neck caused by running, snowboarding, and (I'm embarrassed to say) bad-lifting of heavy items. He also has helped with general maintenance and doesn't "over schedule" me if it's not needed.

I feel very comfortable and trusting of Dr. Dan, which is extremely important to my sense of comfort, and creates a sense of acceptance of his treatments. He takes the time to listen and discuss what is really going on with me and I recommend him wholeheartedly!

San Francisco Chiropractors
Tres F.

Go see Dan!! Dan is your man.

I've been seeing Dan periodically since I pinched a nerve and couldn't move my back at all in 2003. He brought me back to a recovered state in 3-4 weeks. Dan is amazing and incorporates cranial sacral work. His office is peaceful and a pleasure to visit.

If you sit at the computer for hours at a time, you probably need a good chiro.

San Francisco Chiropractors
Suto t.

Dr Shapero has consistently improved my health, and the health of many of my friends and family over the course of the last decade.

In short ... he is amazing.

His analysis of current issues with my body and alignment, and preemptive measures have had a profound positive effect on my health.

I HIGHLY recommend using Dr Dan. If you research his credentials, the school he went to, and his mentors you'll find that he is top-shelf. Thanks Dr. Dan for all the help over the years! =)

San Francisco Chiropractors
Ken W.

I have been seeing him for years now. He's fabulous and surprisingly sensitive. He describes himself as sort of yin/yang. First of all, he's six foot seven (just a guess) so he really has the simple physics to work on bodies well. Aside from this he has the practiced skills to figure out what is going on with a person, then he adds a really keen intuition to ask the right question and get at the causes of the situation. His office is very joyful with lots of good humor flying around. And his downtown location means that I often see him and combine it with other errands I have to do. Most importantly, myself and my family have made monumental changes through him.

San Francisco Chiropractors
Denise D.

Dr. Dan is the man!

Fatigued by years of cubicle life, I was starting to feel the carpal strife. My body was blocked up, the flow was no go.

My office mates spoke of a man with the healing hands, the Mr. Miyagi touch that cracks backs much. So I went down for a consultation, to get the dirt on my wrist's sensation.

He briefed me on how the body's worked, and where the pitfalls of cube life lurked. How our vertebras fuse and how our posture gets screwed.

I go to him weekly now to restore my Zen. With a snap, crackle, pop - life is good again : )

In all seriousness, with his help my body has healed, and I can go back to fight another day, play with my kids, and working free of pain! And do it all with strength and ease of movement restored. Thanks Dr. Dan - you are the a lifesaver, truly.

San Francisco Chiropractors
Afran H.

Another Guitar Injury - this time the low back. all of a sudden, after playing for many years, my low back started to give me a little trouble. dr. dan did some adjustments and talked to me about my rock and roll posture, and I'm back in action! dr. dan is not one of these chiropractors who will have you coming in for maintenance for the rest of your life. he wants you to get out of the office and have a life. but when those little twinges come, THIS is the guy to see be it sports or musical injuries. can't recommend him highly enough!

San Francisco Chiropractors
Char s.

I started seeing Dr. Dan after he helped my husband find a surgeon for a debilitating back injury. After having me get an X-ray for my neck he found two discs in my neck were compressed and found the natural curve in my neck was lessoning causing me to be in constant discomfort. I've been seeing him twice a week to work on my neck since and because of the treatment Ive had excellent results. My headaches and neck pain have lessened significantly and the bothersome ringing in my ears has virtually disappeared. I appreciate the time spent explaining the procedures, rather than herding people through, time is taken to explain and even over explain so you fully understand what is happening to you. Dr. Dan has significantly changed my life and given me tools to help manage and correct my spinal problems. Dr. Dan also adjusts my 5 year old daughter. I trust him completely!

San Francisco Chiropractors
Marcy C.

Helped rid me of a pinched nerve. Great demeanor, friendly, sympathetic and has ''healing'' hands. I would recommend him if you require a chiropractor and you are seeking one who is like yourself: outgoing and active.

San Francisco Chiropractors
Courtney S.

Dr. Dan the miracle man! To be honest the only other time I saw a chiropractor I didn't feel it did me much good. Then my back was in spasm and nothing helped. After the first visit I felt better and each visit since then I've improved more. I am not only able to work out but even kick it up a notch as a result. What can I say but Dr. Dan is just wonderful!

San Francisco Chiropractors
Liz M