Surviving the Workstation

What is it?

Surviving the Workstation is a dynamic seminar that gives employees a basic understanding of how to reduce the risk of injury at work.

Even after workstations are ergonomically designed, employees still experience stress injuries and other problems.


When companies are informed about proper bio-mechanics, they reduce employee time-off from work and employees are more productive.

Participants learn some simple exercises to put into practice every day for optimum performance.

Designed to not increase costs to your company.

Did you know...

8 out of 10 people will experience back pain in their lifetime. The #1 reason for time away from work is low-back pain. This is closely followed by neck pain and repetitive stress injuries! If you would like to see these numbers reduced in your company, then maybe you should sign up for...

Surviving the Workstation!

“Surviving the Workstation” is a seminar that gives employees a sound understanding of how to reduce the risk of injury at work.

In my chiropractic practice, I treat people with a wide range of complaints that come from working at a desk. Many are upper cervical problems that cause shoulder pain and can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Mid-back tension that when not addressed, may develop into a sharp, constant pain, and of course, numerous low back problems. The common denominator here is the employee’s workstation and how it adversely affects them. The human body is simply not designed for sitting at a desk eight to ten hours a day. It may seem obvious, but when I ask my patients if these conditions reduce their ability to work, each time the answer is “yes”.

There is a positive trend of having stations ergonomically designed to suit the needs of people in the work force. Yet even after these measures are implemented, workers are still getting repetitive stress injuries and other problems. The reason behind this is that people simply are not cognizant of proper body mechanics and some basic concepts to keep them healthy. Most people have little idea of how much their bodies are being compromised while they work.

My health talks directly deal with these issues. I explain the negative effects a desk job can have upon the body. Yet do so in a manner that puts people at ease rather than creates anxiety, and will not increase equipment costs. When people are informed, they can make proper changes and greatly reduce injury.

The topics discussed are:

cervical (neck) mid/low back regions eye stress tunnel syndrome These areas, when not treated, can lead to pain and expensive work compensation bills. The information in this talk is designed to reduce this common outcome.

Are you in OSHA Compliance?

Cal OSHA stipulates that if two or more employees have repetitive stress syndrome in your office, you must develop an immediate health program for your company.

This comprehensive seminar will help you position your company to get your employees back to work sooner.

Partner with a clinician who brings knowledge of personal training to offer advice and rehabilitative exercise programs to his client companies.

Dr. Shapero offers complete healthcare programs for individuals and companies throughout the Bay Area.

How it works

This is a free seminar by ergonomics chiropractor Daniel Shapero, D.C., “Chiropractor to the University of San Francisco Financial District’s Men’s Basketball Team”.

You and your fellow employees will learn how to reduce aches, pains, energy loss, and stress that comes with a desk job. Will not increase equipment costs!

Simply contact our office and let us know how many people will be attending. (15 people minimum, please). Our office will work with you to coordinate the day and time of the seminar. Times and dates are filling up and limited!