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I first started Dr. Dan for back pain in 2009, and I have been seeing him through the years as needed. I had a really bad ear infection from flying when I had a cold. The pain was really severe and I became completely deaf in one ear! I went to see my primary care physician and he prescribed me antibiotics for ten days. After ten days, the antibiotics hadn't helped at all, so he referred me to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. I was prescribed ear drops and nasal spray by the ENT and asked to come back in three weeks. I didn't experience any improvement at all after three weeks and still couldn't hear! I went back to the ENT and she offered to burst my eardrum, which I declined, so I was given HEAVY DUTY antibiotics. After another three weeks of taking pills, there was still no change in my condition. I was miserable and eager for the pain to go away and to get my hearing back. I remembered reading a medical article years prior stating that Chiropractic care was recommended for toddlers with ear infections. I decided to give it try before getting my eardrum punctured. After only THREE adjustments, not only was my ear pain gone, my hearing completely back to normal! I can't thank Dr. Dan enough!!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Susan C.

I highly recommend Dr Shapero, he cares about his patients and works with you on overall health goals. His office is great with scheduling appointments and you really can see the difference each appointment.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Amir K.

3/11/2015 ā€” Updated review

This is an update to my earlier really good review to now say how great Dr. Shapero is. I had been unable to come in for a number of weeks due to a variety of reasons (including the holidays) and found myself suddenly in a good bit of accumulated pain. Over the past 3 weeks he's been able to get me back on track and pain free!! I don't know how I could recommend anyone more highly.

10/3/2014 ā€” Previous review

I recently started going to him due to neck and upper back pain, tingling, and stiffness. Since seeing Dr. Dan and starting treatments the problems are decreasing. I feel better and am more aware of my posture. I find him to be very professional and courteous and my appointments are always on time and predictable in terms of how long I expect to be in the office. Thanks for all your help so far!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Marcia J.

I love doctor dan he took me from excruciating pain to snowboarding in less that 3 months. Iā€™d highly recommend him especially for any athletes, he supports a lot of the UCSF sports programs and has a great understanding of what he does and what you need.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors

I came to Dr. Shapero with lower back issues started years ago, my body was trying to fix itself but at the cost of movement and flexibility. Dr. Shapero was quick to diagnose and come up with the plan to fix my movement related issues. After couple of months I felt a lot of positive changes in my posture, body movements, back pain and overall energy level. I highly recommend him to anyone with any spinal or body movement related issues.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Ashish C.

Dr. Shapero and Suzie are very welcoming and friendly.

I was quite nervous going to see Dr. Shapero because he is my first chiro, but once I stepped into the office I was welcomed with a warm smile by Suzie.

I chose Dr. Shapero because he's the official chiro for the University of San Francisco's athletic department. So he knows what goes on in an athlete's mind and understands what needs to be done so you can recover quickly.

I had chronic neck pain for about a few months and nothing worked so I decided to go in. He not only wanted to just check my neck but also other parts of the spine and hips that may also be causing the neck pain. He simplified everything so I was able to understand what his approach to the injury would be.

Overall I had a great experience thanks to Dr. Shapero and Suzie. Definitely recommend Shapero Chiropractic to anyone!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Ronald N.

I first saw Dr. Shapero after a hit-and-run car accident. My car was totaled but thankfully not my health. I've suffered from back and neck pain for years and would just put up with it. After Dr. Shapero rolled his eyes at my solution for grinning-and-bearing the stiff neck and back - I continue seeing him 2 years after my initial treatment for the accident. My back is straight, my posture is stellar and the stiffness doesn't cause me tension headaches anymore. I'm not 100% yet but then again, who the hell is? It's progress not perfection people. Thanks to Dr. Shapero, I have a healthier back and attitude.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Janice P.

I started having sciatic pain about 2 weeks before I was going to run the San Francisco Marathon. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was a little skeptical but needed to do something if I was going to run 26.2 miles. At that point I was barley able to run 4 miles without having to stop. I saw Dr. Dan and thanks to his aggressive (yet kind and non painful) approach to my treatment, I was able to run pain free! Many many thanks!!!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Lisa J.

Dr Dan is like the David Blaine of Chiropractic - this man has tricks! As a self proclaimed "connoisseur of chiropractic" I have been adjusted by over 25 chiros in my life and Dr. Shapero is just the best. I have a problem with my sacrum (basically tailbone) and the vast majority of chiros absolutely cannot get my spot (my pain is literally in my butt - which has resulted in several chuckles between Dr. S and I!!) Dr. Shapero has the skill to adjust me precisely where I need it and the result is amazing - I will walk in with a painful and stiff/tight left butt cheek/hip and walk out with it resolved as Dr. S puts me back in line and stops the pressure on my nerves that causes the pain and tightness in my butt and hip. I would be in complete misery if I didn't have Dr. S in my corner whenever I get really out of alignment. Even when I am not having any episodes he delivers high quality adjustments every time and I cannot recommend him highly enough! Unlike other sales-y chiros you can tell Dr. S just really wants to make you feel better - and he does! What really blows me away is when I am really tight and having trouble getting adjusted in a certain area Dr. S pulls out his bag of tricks: i.e he applies pressure to "tender points" or referral points like pressing on the top of my abdomen to relax my hip or even putting a glove on his hand and pressing a point inside my mouth to relax my neck and by golly these tricks work!! He gets a great adjustment out of whatever segment was giving us trouble. I don't even know what or how he does it but I sure am glad he does!! Thanks Dr. Dan!!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors

Dr. Shapero and his team are fantastic! I came to him with neck/shoulder discomfort about a year ago; he presented a couple different options and together we came up with the best approach - and I couldn't be happier with the how things have been going! (The great location, is an added bonus!).

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Lisamarie K.

Dr. Shapero was with ease the best chiropractor I have ever experienced. I initially went in there due to a hip injury. Dr. Shapero not only put together a 6 week plan to move past this injury, he also went the extra mile on every visit and adjusted my shoulder, neck and mid back. He is not one to just do something without explaining it first. He also does a great job and taking care of all of his customers when it gets busy. For any patients in the FIDI who are feeling tightness in your back or hips, this is your guy! He will get you in and out of there with extremely effective results.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Joseph B.

As someone who balances competitive Hip Hop dancing with a full-time 9 to 5 desk job, my body gets put through quite a bit. Before finding Dr. Shapero, I would go to chiropractors to ease my recurring pain, but never fully understand the reason for my pain and how to prevent it. My pain had become so unbearable that it became difficult to participate in daily activities and even sleep at night.

Dr. Shapero not only relieved my pain within the first visit, but he also took time to explain to me why my pain kept returning. He provided much guidance, showing me extremely helpful stretches and advising me to practice better warm-up and cool-down exercises for dancing.

Although I have only received two months of treatment, Dr. Shapero has improved my range of motion and taught me how to take preventative measures against developing bad habits for my posture. Dr. Shapero and Suzie are both very friendly and took the time to get to know me. I am grateful to finally feel like I am recovering.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Jane T.
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