Here's what our clients have to say about our work:

Dr Dan is great I originally chose to see him because he supports the local college basketball team and I'm really tall and what a great choice that was! Dr. Shapero is a very nice friendly guy who has a great understand of what he does and how to plan for your well being, including someone as big as myself. (6'7)

When I first came in I had my back in all sorts of pain and over the course of a few weeks he worked with me till the point where I wasn't experiencing any more pain! His office is convenient and easy to get to for anyone in the finacial district.

I'd highly recommend him and a suggested to a few friends to stop in.

If your an athlete or anyone needing help from an experienced and considerate chiropractor I can't think of anyone better than Dr. Dan.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors

I came to Dr. Shapero for my constant back problem from sitting in front of computer all day. I first came just because the location is very convenient, just 2 mins from my office. Now, after seeing him for couple months, I'm very happy about my choice. He is very patient, willing to take time to explain to you about common spine problems, and causes, and specifically your problem. His treatment is very effective. There are times where I came to the office with a pain, and after the treatment it usually gets relieved a lot. He also put together packages to help you save money. The whole office crew is very friendly. I would highly recommend his service!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Lu Y.

Dr. Dan has changed my life instantly. For over a year, I had severe neck pain. I could not turn my head to the left side completely, my shoulder was stiffing and creeping up towards my chin, and I could not sleep at night due to the pain. After my first neck adjustment, my discomfort went away immediately. My neck can not move completely to the left, my shoulder has dropped, and I am able to move and do things that I could not due because of the limited range of motion.

He also discovered that one leg has become shorter than the other and we have started working on that. My lower back is so much better because we are working on aligning my hips and stretching.

Do not hesitate to partner with him for your chiropractic needs. His hours really align with those of us working in the financial district.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Alyse P.

I have been going to Shapero Chiropractic since January 2019. I had minor, but persistent headaches. Since I began treatment my headaches have dissipated. I have also benefited from increased mobility in my neck and back. Dan is very easy to work with and offers helpful suggestions on actions to take outside of treatment - posture, specific stretching, sleeping, etc. Suzie is great with appointments / booking. Very flexible and always helpful.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Peter H.

I found Dr Dan Shapero through researching his work with the USF athletic program. I have been incredibly pleased with my progress in the lack of pain and increased mobility I have realized since working with him. His knowledge and specialty are apparent in his care and he is generally just a fantastic guy. I am appreciative of his good work and am happy to spread the word to others.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Jamie T.

Dr. Dan and Suzie are a wonderful team. I had pinched a nerve and was dealing with pain for a month. Suzie got back to me within minutes of requesting an appt online and sent me the forms to fill out so there would be no delay. Dr. Dan was thorough in his consultation and after only 6 visits, I was back to normal - able to walk and sleep without pain!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Elizabeth C.

I came in to see Dr. Shapero after struggling with a sciatica flare-up that had me unable to drive and barely able to work for over a week. Within a few visits the majority of my pain had dissipated and I was finally waking up without fear of pain.

Beyond simply an adjustment, what I appreciated about Dr. Shapero was the education he provided as to what was actually happening so I could be aware of how to care for myself moving forward.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Erin B.

For those of you who have NEVER gone to a chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr. Shapero! He works with the Athletic program for USF (Univ. Of San Francisco) and has for the last 14 years. He is a straight shooter and only wants to improve the health of his clientele! Today, I went through the consultation aspect of my appointment but ill soon go through the chiropractic adjustments and massage. I can't wait to be professionally, snapped, cracked and popped!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Rhett B.

I've been going to Dr Dan Shapero for over a year and he helped take care of nagging upper back and neck pain. Great office location right off Montgomery. He cares about your wellness and will provide you with suggested treatments without feeling pressured.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Rich N.

8/10/2018 — Updated review

For 4 years now, Dr Dan always finds spots in my neck, back, shoulders where I am blocked, uneven, misaligned, and frees me up. Maybe it's his height, his big hands. It seems like x-ray vision to me, and honed technique. And he's fun to talk with. Since they brought in Suzie to manage the office, they have become quite responsive, communicative and they anticipate my needs. And they have a traction table, props, and a great masseuse. It's high quality care.

6/19/2015 — Previous review

Personable. Supportive. Effective.

After my assessment and X-rays, Dr Shapero explained his findings in a way I could understand. He left me feeling at ease and motivated to do what I can to improve my back and neck.

I have seen him 3 times a week for months now; he is always attentive and easy to talk with.

He has a table that works on my neck, another table that works on my lower back, and his adjustments go smoothly.

I'm a tall guy. I have been to several chiropractors, all of whom were effective, and yet, there's something about Dr Shapero being even taller than me, and having big hands. His adjustments make a difference. Whatever he's doing, it's working.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Michael V.

I've been visiting Shapero Chiropractic for a while now, and I have nothing but good things to say. I've had chronic neck and back pain for a while, but regular visits have kept it in check and allowed me to stop focusing on it.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Ryan G.

Highly recommend Dr. Shapero especially for prenatal chiropractic care. He has helped me address sciatic pain and the growing discomfort on my back and hips throughout pregnancy. I no longer rely on expensive massages and feel a lot better. My sleep has improved and back/shoulder Nymqaz-qoqgyr-pybka8pain has decreased overall.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
D D.
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