Here's what our clients have to say about our work:

I'm a pretty young and healthy adult so I didn't really know if going to a chiropractor would be beneficial to me. I brought a groupon just to see what it was about and I'm extremely happy I did. Dr. Shapero is an expert in his field and was able to identify and fix spinal alignment issues that caused my posture to suffer. I noticed an instant improvement in the quality of my sleep after just my first session. I didn't even realize that seeing a chiropractor could fix my long time sleeping problems.

The staff was extremely friendly and flexible and the office has a lot of high tech equipment. Definitely worth my time and money and I have already recommended Dr. Shapero's office to multiple friends. Try out the Spinal Decompression table. Its AMAZING!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Devin J.

I found Dr. Shapero through Groupon and ended up signing on quickly to become a regular patient. I was experiencing some lower back problems and found out that there was actually more work to be done on my entire back. Immediately, I was impressed by the amount of focus Dr. Shapero has on teaching rather than just moving straight into treatment.

In a matter of a couple of months, I experienced a great deal of improvement in my workouts and general day to day activities. On top of the incredible work he's done improving my health, the office customer service has always been pleasant and sincere. He works with you to ensure the best option in treatment while keeping in consideration the other factors that can affect your decision in seeing a chiropractor regularly. I highly recommend Dr. Shapero if you're in need!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Lindsey K.

Dr. Shapero provides a very positive experience. Having had a poor experience at another chiropractic clinic I can attest to the quality of Dr. Shapero's care. He walks you through what he is doing and why, pinpoints what your body needs, and shares his advice on ways to improve your health. With his methods for treatment I have undoubtedly felt physically better after each visit to Dr. Shapero.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Braden F.

Dr. Shapero is not only professional and at the top of his game, but a caring and compassionate man as well. I have worked in restaurants for over 10 years and was experiencing all sorts of body pain when I made the appointment. In fact, I thought I had a torn ACL in my shoulder it was so bad. Turns out I just needed a little chiropractic TLC. After even the first visit I felt relief! I recommend him to anyone in need of some professional guidance no matter how serious or minor your pain. A wonderful experience overall.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Megan D.

This guy is great at his craft. I've been sitting a lot due to school, and came to Dr. Shapero this summer just for improved lower spine mobility, and it resulted in improved workout sessions, way better posture and a deeper understanding of how my body should optimally function. Dr. Shapero is a really thoughtful and patient person, and always seemed really happy to see me. I definitely would recommend him to anyone looking to learn more about their body and to improve their posture!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Jiyune H.

Doctor Dan is The Man! I've other chiropractors and none had the skill, knowledge, or great attitude that this guy does. You can tell by how he does his practice that he really cares.

Others I've known will just suspend your pain so you keep coming back forever. This man wants to heal you. Great for athletes and laymen-folk alike; Doctor Dan is your guy!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Dante-Azazel O.

I had an extremely painful back emergency, and Dr. Shapiro fit me in the same day. He did several things to work on relieving my pain and distress, fitted me with a support belt, and later that day my pain was almost 100 percent gone. He personally called me the next day to check on me. I found him to be very kind and professional, and I highly recommend him.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Dawn N.

Dr. Dan works magic! I feel like a new, rejuvenated person when I walk out of his office after an adjustment. My neck and back muscles feel completely relieved and relaxed, and in turn my stomach problems subside until it's time to go see him again! Not only does he make my quality of life significantly better during/after an adjustment, but he also provides humorous jokes that make the experience even more enjoyable.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Ali A.

Dr. Dan Shapero is a great chiropractor! I have had 10 years of tall guy mid-back pain, and severe lower back pain from the computer chair. In less than a month he has everything moving properly and not hurting.

I did two intro sessions to try it out. He explained everything and did adjustments that helped so much I signed up for a month course of adjustments. Dan has all of the best equipment. He has worked on basketball players and has good experience treating tall athletes like myself. And everyone in the office is very friendly. It's fun going in just to chat during the session. The office is conveniently located in the middle of Financial district. The massage treatments here are very good as well, I had a great hour massage from Rodney.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Brian L.

I can't than Dr. Shapero enough for resolving the pain I was suffering in my lower back. The adjustments have helped me improve my posture which has helped lower the chance of my lower back pain reoccurring. Him and his front office staff are extremely helpful and friendly. I am an extremely satisfied client and continue to see him on a regular basis. There's a reason why he's trusted by the San Francisco University athletics department.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Evan T.

I was an athlete for USF and we got to see Dr. Dan. He was such an amazing man and did WONDERS to my back. I wish I still had him as my chiropractor and honestly plan on booking a flight back to SF to see him. Thank you so much Dr. Dan for all you've done for me. -oly

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Oluoma O.

Dr. Dan Shapero practically saved my basketball career! While playing basketball at the University of San Francisco, I suffered from severe back aches. Before I went to Dr. Shapero, I had tried everything from ice/heat and rest to acupuncture, which all failed to improve my condition. It wasn't until I saw Dr. Dan for a few months consistently that my symptoms began to decrease and ultimately disappear. That was 14 years ago. Now, I have a profession that requires me to be on my feet all day, putting undo stress on my back, and the reason I continue to see Dr. Dan. I feel brand new after every adjustment. He uses creative and efficient methods in treating my back pain and is very pleasant and friendly to be around. He is by far the best chiropractor I've ever had. Highly recommend him especially since I have gotten to know him very well.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Jerome G.
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