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A few years ago, I came into Dr. Shapero's office as I had pain in my neck and constant shooting pain and tingling down my right arm. X-rays and an MRI showed that showed that my neck was straight instead of having a slight curve, which was putting stress on my discs and I had a pinched nerve from a herniated disc. In order to avoid surgery, I began corrective care with adjustments and sessions on their decompression table. After several months of corrective care, another X-ray was taken. I was pleased to see that my neck had made great progress as the correct curve had returned. Also, the pain in my arm and neck had largely subsided. I still felt the pain a bit but it was manageable, unlike before I began care.

I am very happy with the care Dr. Shapero has provided and I am hopeful that the progress will continue!

Update: It has been well over two years, and with conservative maintenance care, I am completely pain free and back to normal!

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Kevin D.

I started going to Dr. Shapero in July 2015. My sciatic nerve was pinched so bad I could hardly walk. We decided I would use the decompression machine and after the first time of using it I was in horrible pain. Dr. Shapero quickly re-evaluated my treatment and came up with a different treatment plan that was just as effective. It took 6 weeks of 2-3 visits a week to get me back to feeling like my usual self. Now I am just maintaining my back health.

What I liked most about Dr.Shapero is that he explained everything to me before treating me and explained why he thought that would be the most beneficial to my situation.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Jessica M.

After years of suffering from debilitating, neck and shoulder flair ups, I finally took the advice of multiple physicians and signed up to see a chiropractor; and I could not be happier than I am with the treatment I have received from Dr. Shapero!

Before I began receiving adjustments, I would wake up every single morning with pain in my neck and upper back. Although I considered this an incredible nuisance, it would tend to dissipate throughout the morning, and I just associated it with the fact that I was getting older.

There were times, however, when the pain was so unbearable that I could not function. These flare ups could last for weeks at a time; I wouldn't be able to work, drive, or participate in anything that didn't involve laying supine on a couch. These instances would always land me at an urgent care or doctor's office with a prescription for a muscle relaxant or some other type of narcotic that would treat the problem, but certainly not cure it. I was ready for this issue to be fixed.

Since signing on with Dr. Shapero, the pain I used to experience every morning is a thing of the past! I have only had one minor flare up, and he was able to see me within the hour and again the next day - after just those two sessions with him, the pain was gone!

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Beth F.

dr dan is awesome! not only is he great at what he does, but he has the best attitude in the world! last july i hurt what i thought was my back working out. i ended up in the ER at 2am because i couldn't roll over. i had not idea what happened or how i hurt myself, all i know is that i was insane pain. for months i didn't get many answers about my injury. dr. dan came to my gym for an event and in the matter of 10 minutes he was able to give me major insight into what was going on. ever since i've been going to dr. dan my pain is gone, my joints work better, i have more flexibility, i feel great! Thanks Dr. Dan!!!!!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Jessica M.

Dr. Dan has helped me tremendously since I first began seeing him. Although I have worked with many doctors in the past, including various chiropractors, I was not able to feel tangible results. With Dr. Dan, in a matter of months, the discomfort I had been feeling in my neck and back has nearly gone away completely. Most importantly, I now feel much better than I have ever before. The aspect of Dr. Dan's treatment program I really value is the attention he gives to stretching, exercise, and overall self-management, and also the guidance he provides regarding the mental aspect of chronic discomfort. Dr. Dan is also incredibly knowledgeable regarding sports and strengthening, and with his help I am now able to once again strength train and swim regularly, with phenomenal results. Both Dr. Dan and Stephanie are incredibly accommodating to my schedule, and I have found their office to be very conveniently located. I hope any of you who might be able to benefit from chiropractic treatment have the opportunity to undergo treatment with Dr. Dan. Thank you Dr. Dan!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Vijay V.

I came to Dr. Shapero due to a herniated disc in my neck due to a bad fall. I was in some severe pain, and right from the first adjustment he made a huge difference. He is very concerned about what you are going through, and your wellbeing. The last 3 months of seeing Dr. Shapero has remarkably alleviated most of the pain from the herniated disc, and I won't have to undergo any kind of neck surgery. I highly recommend him due to his attentiveness to your needs, and his ability to take care of whatever spinal issue you may be experiencing.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Addison D.

Unbelievable. Quoting Dr. Shapero, "Dude... Your neck is glued in place!" I am a very active 30-something, playing rugby, basketball and boxing. I have caused a lot of damage over the years through a variety of sports. The two most damaging were caused by sport related injuries to my spine. My day to day life revolved around ignoring pain levels of 8-9.

After the first visit I regained full range of motion in my right shoulder. Two weeks in, Doc barely had to touch me to make adjustments. Three weeks in and my neck was no longer a hardened lump of who knows what. The pain is a long forgotten memory of the past. I feel better and stronger. My body responds the way it was meant to.

Of all the chiropractors I've seen over the years, he is the first to have me feeling so good. I don't have to remind him what needs to be adjusted. He explains the process, how it works and how my body is expected to respond. Each appointment is a period of relaxing the body and making adjustments. I've never felt rushed or pushed out. Dr. Shapero has a passion for his work and it shows.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Shawn D.

As a marathon runner I was suffering from chronic lower back issues from late 2015 and throughout much of 2016. My old chiropractor moved and I found Shapero Chiropractic online and liked the reviews and the fact that Dan Shapero is affiliated with USF athletic department. I liked the fact he was involved with athletes and knew he would be perfect for me. After 5 months, I have gone from having chronic lower back (and on a scale - 9/10) where eI had to sit down to put on my shoes, socks and underwear to being able to run again, and wake up 9/10 mornings and go through the entire day with NO PAIN. Dan mentioned it would take at least 6 months in my case to get to me this point, so he has more than fulfilled in that promise. The very first day he took an X-RAY and determined my issues right up front before he even touched me. Between his adjustments and traction table I've come a very long way in such a short time. The staff are extremely professional, friendly and courteous. Because of my lower back condition which I've had since I was a child, I may not be able to run full marathons again, but hey, I can get back into my sprint and olympic distance triathlons AND be pain free. I honestly was skeptical when Dan said he'd get me to a manageable point in 6 months owing to my not so stellar previous chiropractor. Trust me on this one, Dan delivered. And I look forward to continuing seeing Dan as long as I can swim, bike and run!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Kevin L.

I went to Dr. Shapero for neck pain and some posture issues that I had since a while. From the very first moment I felt welcome by him and his assistant Fabi.

Dr.Shapero listened carefully to my description of problem and allocated about one hour of his time in the first session to perform a complete diagnose. then I visited him for 20 sessions and after each adjustment I felt better and better. now I feel great and more aware of my neck and posture and try to keep it in the right position.

Dr. Shapero takes his job very seriously, he has a great sense of humor too! so almost every time he comes up with something to cheer you up.

I highly recommend Dr. Shapero. Thank you

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Soheil B.

Five visits to Shapero Chiropratic and I’m a new person. My lower back and knee pain are virtually gone after being in denial for some time now. I walk more quickly and am able to enjoy exploring our lovely city on foot which I enjoy a lot. Dr. Dan explains the process each step of the way and puts me at ease. I should have started my treatment sooner. Dr. Dan, my spine’s bff!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Teresa S.

My husband encouraged me to make an appointment with a chiropractor a few months ago and I have to admit, I was pretty nervous and a little anxious about the whole experience.

The primary reasons for me seeing Dr. Shapero were to: restore mobility to my joints since I have an office job and sit for long periods of time, relieve stress, and to see if chiropractic work would help boost my appetite. I've heard that misalignments along the spinal pathways can hinder communication to the nervous system.

I didn't know what to expect but Dr. Shapero did a fantastic job making me feel comfortable and educating me about the condition of my body before he did anything.

After my first adjustment, I was pleasantly surprised to see a significant increase in my appetite! Who would have thought?

It's hard to explain but I feel as though my hunger cues are no longer delayed. After visiting with Dr. Shapero for my first adjustment, my anxiety levels have decreased and I'm able to eat regularly. I'm thrilled with the results and I'll definitely be revisiting Dr. Shapero's office for more body work.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Terri L.

Dr. Shapero is incredible. I am not one to often write reviews, but Dr. Shapero's healing touch, warm personality and immense knowledge of the human body compelled me to write a review with the hope everyone is able to experience his abilities!

Being a professional athlete that requires my body to be able to perform and withstand the stresses of repetitive.

Dr. Shapero was able to fit me in very quickly, as I have been having a semi-chronic issue with my sacroiliac joint. He was able to get my lower back and SI joint to crack for the first time in over a year and several other chiros had failed. He was also able to release tightness in my shoulders, diaphragm, and first ribs on both sides. This was all with a warm touch, a kind word and an incredible ability to relax my mind and my body.

I can not recommend Sr. Shapero enough. If anyone in the Bay Area wants to get better and feel freer than they have in a long time, please go see him!

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Christina K.
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