Here's what our clients have to say about our work:

Dr. Dan is a miracle worker. I was initially skeptical about whether or not chiropractic work would help my lower back pain but after 3 months with Dr. Dan, I can honestly say I am a believer. I had tried everything to ease my pain, but this experience has been so different. Not only does Dr. Dan provide alignment, he genuinely wants you to feel better and takes the time to discuss good ergonomics and how to make lifestyle changes. I was able to carry around my 80lb scuba gear and felt no residual pain the next day and I owe it all to Shapero Chiropractic.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Christina D.

I've been seeing Dr. Dan for years now and I've had a great experience! I'd say I have a fairly healthy back. But I understand how important it is to have maitenance as I have a desk job and unfortunately sit a lot of the time. From time to time, I feel myself get tight or even tweak my neck and I know it's time to see Dr. Dan.

What I like most:

- he always takes the time to explain what the process is and why he is making the reccommendations that he is making.

- he never bugs you to come in and never suggests a longer treatment course than is necessary.

- he has fabulous 'bedside' manner. Always jovial and friendly.

Thanks Dr. Dan!!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Jen G.

Dr. Dan is great! I started seeing him about two years ago because of terrible headaches that I couldn't get rid of (tried all sorts of things for ~3 weeks before visiting him). After starting with Dr. Dan, the headaches finally went away!

Not only is he a great chiropractor, he's also a really funny/nice person.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Ariana L.

Dr. Shapero helped me be mobile again, effectively adjusting my shoulder I reinjured after a rotator cuff surgery last year. Within the first few sessions I felt a noticeable fix in my mobility with not only my shoulder, but the rest of my body. He and his staff are so personable, making the visits easy and comfortable. I totally recommend Dr. Shapero to provide exceptional care and great results towards a pain free body.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Rodel B.

I came to Dr. Dan with unbearable back pain. I couldn't stand straight because the weight of my upper body was too much; I literally felt my back was going to break in half. Dr. Dan did a thorough evaluation and answered all my questions. After a few weeks of adjustments, I was pain free!!! He is a superb chiropractor.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Cynthia M.

I’ve seen many chiropractic doctors before and I have to say Dr. Shapero is the best! I’ve had issues with my back and sciatica for the longest time. After seeing Dr. Shapero for about a month now my back has been better and I haven’t felt the sciatic pain for 2 weeks now. I’m definetly going to continue to see him for treatment.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Jane J.

Dr Shapero provides a fantastic service. I came in with terrible back pain, and left feeling rejuvenated . Cannot wait to come back

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Andrew R.

One of the best D.C.'s in the city...So good he does the USF basketball players.

Incredibly nice, caring, and compassionate - always asks about current conditions and any factors which may be affecting your back before starting treatment.

However, the reason guys should. Choose Dr. Dan is his strength. Anyone who's larger and stronger than most will notice how many chiropractors struggle to adjust athletes. Dan quickly and easily gets me adjusted and feeling good.

Would recommend to anyone!!!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Dan D.

Love this guy. Dr Shapero is thorough, caring and patient. I came in with lower back for which he was able to diagnose me and get on the path to wellness! Dr Shapero treats his patient like a friend and not just the next person on the table! I recommend him to all of my friends and coworkers!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Carnell M.

Dr. Shapero is great and has been instrumental in helping me go back to playing sports with increased joint function and mobility. He is very knowledgable, attentive and always takes time to explain the process and any questions along the way.

I was experiencing shoulder stiffness/pain and was looking for a chiropractor when I happened to see his yelp listing. I was drawn to the top reviews and decided to make an appointment. Everyone on Dr. Shapero staff is very friendly and making appointments was a breeze. From my first visit with Dr. Shapero, he explained why i was experiencing discomfort, how he was able to help and goals towards recovery. Dr. Shapero has seasoned experience working with multi-varied athletics from different sports and I felt he was able to empathize with my mobility issues and desire to get back to playing competitive sports again.

In my follow up visits, he paid close attention to my problem areas and I have begin to see significant increase in joint mobility. I am thrilled with my current results and look to see more improvement. I highly recommend Dr. Shapero and will be revisiting again.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Almond L.

I feel very grateful to have learned about the friendly clinic of Dr. Shapero through a coworker. Dr. Shapero helped me recover from the unusual moderate to severe headaches accompanied by neck, upper back, and, sometimes, knee pain that interfered with my normal activities for almost two weeks. With the thorough assessment I received during my initial visits and a personalized treatment plan, I saw that Dr. Shapero truly cares about the well-being of his clients. My treatment, which included regular adjustments in the clinic, and tools to use and exercises to do at work and at home, has helped me not only relieve occasional discomfort from strenuous weekly activities, including work, baking and martial arts, but also increase my body awareness and improve my posture significantly. Unlike before, I have caught myself many times now with my back straight when sitting on chair, standing and walking. I also used to hunch my back and shoulders up when cold; now, I often find myself pushing my chest forward instead. I should also add that I have seen dramatic improvements in my performance in dance as well. Just a few weeks after I started my treatment, I was able to do my extended leg beats (with back off the floor, and arms in second position and above the head), for the very first time, at about the height that my instructor and advanced students bring their legs up to, and, on that same day, I had also been able to slide down into my left side split more easily and more closely to the floor. Also, just last week, I was able to do three consecutive double pirouettes at home one night after doing exercises, including my "chiropractic homework", and another two after an appointment on another day, deliberately, rather than accidentally like my only one or two double turns in the past. So I would say that those three were my first successful double pirouettes, and I definitely felt elated to have experienced having such balance and control! I am deeply thankful to Dr. Shapero and his team for helping me achieve many other goals beyond recovery.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Sherrie V.

Dr. Shapero quickly moved me out of pain, and has been a great partner along my journey to better health, coaching, teaching and educating me about my body and the underlying issues causing my back pain. One of the hallmark's of Doctor Shapero's practice is to get you back on your feet and enjoying the activities you love, and has helped me make regain mobility and assume a more active lifestyle. He has a great office team who are courteous and helpful, and scheduling has been very flexible and easy. Dr. Shapero's kind and easy-going bedside manner is a joy; I enjoy coming in for my treatments, and most importantly, I no longer feel condemned to a life of back pain.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Stanley E.
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