Here's what our clients have to say about our work:

When I first went into Dr Shapero's office I was convinced I had sprained in my foot. I could hardly put weight on it, but there was no swelling or bruising. My friend convinced me to see a chiropractor so I found him down the street from my office. He had X-Rays done on my back and explained in great detail on why I was having foot pain. Within a week my foot was back to normal.

I am just finishing up the 8 week program he recommended and I haven't felt this good in years. I am slowly getting back to my usual active lifestyle and I've noticed my posture during the day and my ability to perform different exercises has also improved dramatically. My trainer has even mentioned seeing a huge difference in my performance.

The staff in the office is very friendly and I've never waiting longer than 5, maybe 10 minutes to be seen. When my insurance wasn't going to cover everything I needed to have done he worked it out a plan with me.

I would highly recommend anyone considering having chiropractic work done to go to Dr. Shapero, especially if you lead an active lifestyle.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Jessica M.

Dr. Shapero is a great guy and in the couple months that I've been going to him for back and neck adjustments I've finally felt relief physically and mentally.

I've been going to the gym for years and I've had other chiropractors help me reset my body with back and neck relief, but Dr. Shapero has really impressed me with the level of detail that he provides before you even start the sessions as well as the attitude and approach he takes with each session. My shoulders and neck no longer feel stiff and my body overall is more fluid and feels great. Expect great service, an awesome experience and a more informed understanding of your body and what you can do to help yourself feeling great. I also have to mention that Suzie who coordinates all of the appointments rocks as well - she is always accommodating, polite and there to answer any questions very quickly!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Derrick C.

Every so often I get a bout of extreme pain in my lower back. Just recently I felt a twinge again and decided I wanted to head off the unpleasant pain that I was sure was coming. So I went in to see Dr. Shapero and now have seen him for the last several weeks. The results are pretty awesome - I avoided the pain I thought was imminent, and my lower back now feels great.

Dr. Shapero fixed my back problem. But for me, also important is that he clearly explains what he's adjusting and cracking and why what he's doing is effective. He'll tell you all you want to know (should you want to hear the details). He's an expert in his field. I found that Dr. Shapero listens and has a very positive and approachable persona. I think that he has a plan or goal that he wants to achieve with his patients and that he'll discuss with you. In my case, relieve pain, strengthen the area, and then maintain a healthy state. Over several visits I've seen that there are quite a few areas in the back that can be adjusted! I'm sure anyone who sits a lot due to a desk job like me can benefit from his treatment and advice. He also went over several exercises for me to do outside of visits to strengthen my back and core.

Location wise, he's in the FiDi which is super convenient. Visits were easy to schedule with his helpful staff and they have good availability around noon and late afternoon. His office keeps things running on time which is great if I have meetings to schedule around.

To sum up, with his treatment program, I avoided another episode of debilitating back pain. But also, my lower back and neck feel more 'opened up' vs. tight. It feels like my back area and muscles are more open/ flexible/ responsive/ strong as opposed to being tense or unstable. It just makes my everyday movements (and occasional manual labor) that much easier. I have and will continue to recommend him to all my friends & coworkers.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Sudawan S.

Dr. Shapero is the best. I was a decent golfer before seeing him, but I had chronic back pain. After seeing him, I shaved about 5 to 7 strokes off my scorecard, hit the ball 30 yards further, and most importantly, I am no longer in pain. He is a miracle worker and a great person as well, highly recommend Shapero Chiropractic!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Vanessa H.

Dr. Dan is great! I initially started going to him when I was experiencing neck and upper back pain and stiffness. Since seeing Dr. Dan that has gone away and I feel way more aware of my posture. I find him to be very professional and courteous and my appointments are always on time and predictable in terms of how long I expect to be in the office. Thanks for all your help Dr. Dan!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Sarah K.

Hey, If I could give this guy eleven stars I would! Long story short, he saved me from having to have neck surgery. Neck Surgery! I can't say enough so I will spare you the details. If you are in pain Dr. Dan can probably help you.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Jonathan M.

Dr. Dan and Suzie were fantastic to work with. I was in crippling pain and barely able to walk. I worked through a program with Dr. Shapero and was able to get back to doing the active things I love. I highly recommend you schedule an appointment for any chiropractic needs.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Terence B.

I found this office in Google map so I decided to give them a call to figure out why my back kept hurting while I was driving. I make long trips because of my job and little things like seat cushions and heating pads were not helping me at all. I got an adjustment and was given tips on posture and also given some exercises and stretches I could do to in the morning before work that I could do in order to help my back feel fine during my long drives. Pain remained for a few days but now I can definitely see results. The entire office was friendly.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Jessica W.

I came to Dr Dan with acute pain in my upper back, which he was able to address and resolve quickly. While working on that area he introduced me to chiropractics and I was convinced to fix other issues I have been having in my neck and lower back. Over the last 4 weeks his therapy has made me feel a lot better and I am very satisfied with the outcome.

Also, I have a busy schedule, but Dr Dan and his super helpful assistant Fabiola have been very accommodating and always managed to fit me in. There is almost no wait. All together: excellent!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Carl-Christoph R.

My personal fitness trainer suggested that I give chiropractic care a chance, and he recommended Dr. Dan to me. Very reluctantly, I met Dr. Dan for a comprehensive evaluation. He really changed my outlook on chiropractic care. I felt very comfortable talking to him about my back issues, and he expressed a genuine interest to treat me with a whole health perspective in mind instead of just my lower back. What impressed me the most about my first visit is that he took the time to contact my personal fitness trainer to complement a workout plan in conjunction with my chiropractic care.

I am now on a solid health improvement regimen to enhance my health and lifestyle. I was really impressed with Dr. Dan's genuine interest of how I am incorporating other aspects of my wellness plan in addition to his chiropractic care. Dr. Dan has gone out of his way to give me a clear understanding of how my spine works, and he suggested several exercises and health ideas to help me deal with my back issues. The tipping point is when he took the time to introduce me to a wellness and nutrition coach, which I am now starting to incorporate into my overall wellness plan. Furthermore, his adjustments a gentle, and I especially enjoy his neck adjustments.

I would also like to give praise for his assistant, Stephanie. She always leaves me a pleasant and upbeat reminder voice mail message the night before about my appointment. Her energetic and gregarious charisma makes me feel welcome and at ease at their office.

If you would like to meet a great team who is sincere and cares about your health, you definitely want give Stephanie and Dr. Dan a call. They are very flexible about scheduling an appointment around your schedule, such as lunchtime and early evenings. Most importantly, he takes my insurance. Thank you, Stephanie and Dr. Dan, for being an integral player of my wellness team, as well as being instrumental in helping me achieve my health goals.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Michael John A.

I was having problems with my right shoulder for months. And after a few appointments with Dr. Shapero my shoulder is as good as new. The whole experience was great. He is always on time, friendly and encouraging. I will continue to go 2x a month because I know my body is better off with easy and convenient ten minute sessions. I can now do yoga and play tennis. Thank you Dr. Shapero.

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Madge M.

I was in major back pain for over a year from a car accident. I worked with one chiropractor who only used an activator and that only got me so far. I had continuing sciatica, hamstring and hip pain. According to Dr. Shapero this was all from the issues in my low back. Besides his excellent careful adjustments I am sure the decompression table helped greatly in healing my back and reducing my pain. I have very little pain left at this point. I knew Dr. Shapero would be good because of the chiropractor friend who recommended him. She was right and he has helped me significantly. Also all of his direction on stretching and exercises and now swimming have also helped my healing process. I can't say enough about Dr. Shapero. If you have complicated back issues don't waste any time and get in to see Dr. Dan!

San Francisco Financial District Chiropractors
Morgan R.
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